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Location: Manchester, England

10-12 January 2024

Special Session:

Dr. Sebastian Losacker will organize the session 'Innovation in the Bioeconomy and Regional Sustainability Transitions: Promises, Pitfalls and Contradictions' in collaboration with Prof. Teis Hansen (University of Copenhagen) and Prof. Daniel Schiller (University of Greifswald). 

The session will explore the geography of innovationin the bioeconomy, its effects on regional development, and its implications for regional sustainability transitions.In pursuing this, we pay specific attention to not only the production side of bio-innovations, but also the consumption side, as well as the link between these. The session also aims to take a critical stance on the sustainability effectsof the bioeconomy. Among other things, this requires unpacking how sustainability effects may vary depending on the characteristics of the products –from products that are used more or less immediately (e.g. fuels) to products with lifespans of decades or even centuries (e.g. construction materials).


Copyright: Regional Studies Association

RSA Annual Conference​​

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

14-17 June 2023

The research group has given several presentations at the RSA Annual Conference in Ljubljana in the sessions "Current Issues in Environmental Economic Geography" and "Unconventional Data for Regional Studies". Dr. Sebastian Losacker also chaired the session "Current Issues in Environmental Economic Geography I".


Dr. Sebastian Losacker: "Urban Scaling of Innovations in the Circular Economy"

Lennart Fischer: "National Specialization and Diversification in the Bioeconomy: Evidence from Biobased Technologies in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sectors"

Tim Becker: "Regional impacts of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS): Innovation and Technological Change in Environmental Technologies"

Dr. Lukas Kriesch: "Mapping the Bioeconomy in Germany: Insights from Web Text Data Analysis"

Moritz Schütz: "The Potential of Web Mining and Machine Learning for Assessing Regional Knowledge Capabilities and Networks: An Approach Using Local and Regional Government Web Content and Structure Data in Germany"

16th Rauischholzhausen Symposium on Economic Geography

Location: Rauischholzhausen, Germany

27.-29. April 2023​​

Presentation: Economic Geography of the Bioeconomy,
Dr. Sebastian Losacker &  Dr. Lukas Kriesch

Dr. Sebastian Losacker and Dr. Lukas Kriesch presented current research at the "16th Rauischholzhausen Symposium on Economic Geography" in Rauischholzhausen. Their presentation titled "Economic Geography of the Bioeconomy" showed how web data can be used to identify, locate and categorize bioeconomy companies. These findings provide a valuable basis for analyzing the bioeconomy in Germany.

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